The Brothers’ Household

posted Dec 20, 2011, 5:00 PM by Alfredo Pacaon   [ updated Dec 20, 2011, 7:46 PM ]
By:  Ryan Japson 

Nine single men embarked on a journey of impossibilities to live together for 29 days in a single household. 

For so many reasons that I can care to mention, a lot of these men involved had valid and superficial excuses on why we shouldn’t have participated. But when it comes to The Lord, you run out of excuses real fast. We all had our reservations and frankly thought that our household’s success was a long shot.  Our leader, in his own words, felt like “it was the blind leading the blind men.”   For the only one with any real household experience among us was the youngest and most recent member of the group.  He was our Joseph, and like Joseph, he was indeed the dreamer; it was so hard to wake him up for morning prayers.

From the very beginning, the logistics were daunting.  We had to find a house that could accommodate all these men for one month with space for a prayer room, for talks and sharing, and most importantly, a place we could also afford.  The household also had to be in a centralized location that would allow all nine men to go about their daily schedules.  We also had to find speakers for our talks, secure the financial resources for our needs, and most importantly, find out how to run a household.  Faced with so many obstacles, our household leader still felt led by the Lord to persevere and commence with the household.  So we did.  With blind faith on the Lord’s leading, our leader made the household date official and invited these single men one by one to participate and make the commitment.

Indeed our God is no ordinary God.  He is a God of impossibilities.  One by one, all of our obstacles miraculously disappeared, just like our excuses.  So unto the household we went, not knowing exactly what will transpire within the next 29 days.  We had a demanding schedule of morning prayers at 5am, sometimes 5:15am and most of the time 5:30am.  We set forth everyday worshipping and praising God and lifting up each day to Him.  We then proceeded to go about our normal schedules and came back each night to have dinner with each other, listen to a talk or had an activity and ended the evening with night prayers.

We took turns on the household chores as well as in leading both morning and night prayers.  To make this long story short, we SURVIVED!  Let me take that back, we not only survived, we LIVED!  For 29 days, we lived out our faith in everything we did.  Out-serving each other whenever we saw the opportunity and realizing in some way how true brotherhood and Christian community living was like.

It was amazing to realize that some members of the household came from different communities in other parts of the world and how we were all brought together to learn from each other and share our common faith.  We were truly blessed.  Nine single men set out seeking to know God more, and concluded the household seeing God in each other.