About City on the Hill

City on the Hill (COH) is a Catholic Charismatic Covenant Community dedicated to the strengthening of Christian family life and to committed personal relationships.


Although started by Filipino immigrants, we are committed to support and receive anyone who desires to share our life. Whether married, single or widowed, whether young or old, or of different cultural background, everyone is welcome to be part of the COH family.


We are trans-generational.  Our call is to pass on the way of life God has given us across the generations. We have families of three generations living the way of life of City on the Hill.


Established in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, we are trans-parochial.  Our membership has grown to include members who come from the different parishes of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Diocese of Orange and Diocese of San Bernardino.

How We Came To Be


 “You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hidden.”  Mt 5:14


The original members of the City on the Hill  started to come together informally as early as 1987 but it was in October 1993 when the community officially began.  The members were on a weekend retreat seeking the Lord's direction for their common life when the reading on Mathew 5: 14 - 16 touched them in a significant way.  From it came the name of the community, their mission to share the light of God's word in society, and to live in a committed Christian way of life consistently.

Family Activities in the City on the Hill

It is most important that married couples and families find support in a Christian community especially now when marriage and family values are constantly undermined by our modern society.  

In City on the Hill, we highly value marriage, family life and our children.  We guide, teach, and accompany each family member to grow in knowing, loving, and serving the Lord and in discovering God’s plan for them.  

Married couples find great support and spiritual nourishment in their relationship through the pastoral care and guidance provided to them by the community. Husbands and wives receive teachings and practical inputs on different areas of married life which enable them to live out their married vocation in unity and faithfulness. In so doing, COH lays the foundation for a healthy family life.  

Our activities include:

  • Dedication Day is when we offer our children to the Lord
  • Parents and children worship together at our Community Assemblies
  • Easter,  Anniversary and Christmas Celebrations
  • Para-liturgical celebrations such as The Lord’s Day and the Christian Passover Meal
  • Marriage and Parenting Courses
  •  Values and Character Courses for Children 

Our Affiliations