The COH Music Ministry is a dynamic, multi-generational group that loves serving the Lord and their community through their God-given talents and skill in music.

The members of the Music Ministry utilize their gifts by playing musical instruments and singing songs that make people experience God’s presence immensely. Their versatility has enabled them to make an impact to the spiritual growth of each member as well as the entire congregation of the City on the Hill.

The COH Music Ministry aims to use music to share the Gospel, minister in the power of the Holy Spirit, glorify God and grow in Christian maturity.

The COH Music Ministry invites COH members to join if you:

   Love music and can sing, play a musical instrument or have knowledge in sound engineering and other related skills

   Have a desire to grow in Christian Character through serving in the Music Ministry

   Have skills and a passion for various media forms (video production, animation, visual arts, etc.) that can enhance the worship experience of the COH and its various services

   Strive to live a life of integrity and character that others can look up to and or learn from by living the mission and values of the COH with high commitment, involvement and initiative

   Have the openness to listen, learn and receive correction from others

The group meets twice a month.

"How did you make the most of your God-given musical talents?”