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Lambs of Jesus

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”-Proverbs 22:6 

Lambs of Jesus is our program for kids in the 3rd through 5th grade.

Our children are God’s most precious gift to us.  Like everything good in life, they come from God and they belong to Him.  As such, it is our desire to see God’s will carried out in the life of our children. 

When God called us to a life with Him, He also commanded us to have our children follow after us.  We desire to pass on to them an “inheritance that does not decay, spoil or fade away.”  (1 Peter 1:4) We desire to guide them and teach them to be disciples of Jesus even in their youth.

Our Vision For Our Children

  • Our children are the youngest members of City on the Hill.  They know why COH is important to their parents and their whole family.  COH is their second home and second family. 
  • Our children have personal relationships with the Lord.  They have their own prayer time.  They read and reflect on the Word of God.
  • Our children will grow up together as friends and stay together as they grow up in community and its programs
  • Our children embrace COH as their own.  They are comfortable praying, praising and exercising their spiritual gifts with the rest of the community.

Our Mission

  • Create and implement programs that will build up our children’s relationship with the Lord, with one another and with the community as a whole.

Our Activities

1.      LOJ Assembly Sessions – once a month teaching session during the February to June COH community assemblies to help the children grow in their personal relationship with the Lord.  Teaching Series every year is determined by the team depending on the need of the children that they see. 


2.      LightSeeker Day – an activity that provides an avenue for Christian character and spiritual formation through worship/praying over/prayer meeting specifically designed for children. It also provides an opportunity for the children to practice what they have learned from the LOJ sessions; to have fun and enjoy nature; to have brotherly/sisterly bonding and fellowship; and to serve one another.