In the Christian context, ministries are activities performed by the faithful to spread and express their faith. Although the earlier definitions of "ministry" are directed solely to priesthood,

City on the Hill provides several means of service through its various ministries. Members choose the areas in which they can best serve God and the community according to their talents and resources, whether it be singing, writing articles, or teaching others about the life that the Lord wants us to live.

The Youth Ministry works with parents to help our children develop into radical disciples of the Lord. These is accomplished to monthly teachings, prayer meetings and participation in Kairos North America events.

Evangelization Ministry
City on the Hill continues to respond to this missionary call given in Matthew 28 and has reconfirmed, through its various activities, that evangelization is the very heart of the Church’s mission. The seeds of faith need to be planted in the hearts of all of God's children, from those to whom Christ's Gospel is not known, to those who have heard the Word of God and want to grow and mature in their faith. Our goal is to invite people, regardless of their age, race, gender or cultural background, to hear the message of salvation of Jesus Christ so that they may join us in the fullness of the Catholic faith.

Kairos  <καιρος> is a Greek word meaning the “right or opportune moment”.  In the New Testament kairos means “the appointed time in the purpose of God.” It is the time when God acts and man must respond. 
God presents key life decisions to our youth that affect their destiny. It is a time in which they can decide to give “all my life for the rest of my life.” 

Music Ministry
The COH Music Ministry is a dynamic, multi-generational group that loves serving the Lord and their community through their God-given talents and skill in music.
The members of the Music Ministry utilize their gifts by playing musical instruments and singing songs that make people experience God’s presence immensely. Their versatility has enabled them to make an impact to the spiritual growth of each member as well as the entire congregation of the City on the Hill.
The COH Music Ministry aims to use music to share the Gospel, minister in the power of the Holy Spirit, glorify God and grow in Christian maturity.

Teachings Ministry
The teaching courses we give in our community are focused on three main areas: Christian truth, Christian character and relationships with other people.

The Lampstand
The COH Newletter, The Lampstand, takes its name from the same passage that the community itself derived its own name from. The Lampstand collaborates with different ministries of COH to keep its members up-to-date with the activities and events, serving not only as a source of information but a tool for evangelization.