Flash Mob 2014

For the upcoming 21st COH anniversary on 10/12 Sunday, the entertainment portion will be a flash mob dance to be participated by all members.  The theme of the dance is being “one”; one brothers and sisters in Christ in COH.  This dance will also demonstrate our community being trans-generational; it will be started by CFM/Bridge > Kairos > Singles > Couples, then COC/SWL.  The title of the song is We Are One.  This song was used in the 2014 FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) World Cup in Brazil.  We know there is not enough time to practice but do the best you can and practice in your next M/W group meeting.  Lizzette and Arni worked hard in preparing/creating the instruction videos of the “steps” that you can download.  We don’t have to make this dance perfect but we just want everyone to have fun; even if we make mistakes. 

The files that can be downloaded include the following:
Word Document
1.       Instructions (within lyrics of the song) – this is a guide on the timing of the various dance steps performed.

2.       Flashmob video – Eric Koloko (mp4)
3.       We are One – whole dance
4.       Wave – step
5.       Step Clap – step
6.       Step Shake – step
7.       Modified Macarena – step
8.       Hey down – step
9.       We are One Mirror - step

10.       Flashmob music – Eric Koloko (mp3)

You can download all the files from.

You can download all of the files at once by clicking on the Download button on the upper right and selecting 'Download as .zip'.  Please note that the zip file is very large and can take more than 20 minutes to download depending on your connection.  If your internet connection is limited in speed, you can choose to download individual files by clicking on each file.  If you clicked on a video, a black preview screen with the video in the middle will pop up. Click on the more options button on the lower right (it looks like three dots), then click 'Download'.  Click on the 'x' on the upper right of the page after the download is finished to go back to the file list.

Tip: If you are using a Mac, the easiest way to view .wmv video files is by installing the VLC player here..

When you practice, we suggest that you do the following in the order listed.  This is after you have downloaded the files above.
1.       Watch the Flashmob video – Eric Koloko (mp4) – this will give you an idea on how the dance looks like.
2.       Watch the We are One – whole dance video (Lizzette & Arni).
3.       Watch the “Wave – step” video instruction and learn the step.
4.       Watch the “Step Clap – step” video instruction and learn the step.
5.       Watch the Step Shake – step” video and learn the step.
6.       Watch the “Modified Macarena – step” video and learn the step
7.       Watch the “Hey down – step” video and learn the step
8.       After learning all the steps , play the “We are One – whole dance video and dance to the whole music.
9.       Practice again!

* Please watch the Mirror version also!

If you have any questions on any of the dance steps, please contact Lizzette Ang.

If you are in a hurry, you can also watch the videos on YouTube using the links below.

Flahmob video by Eric Koloko - http://youtu.be/ZZMOjSFMwls

I hope you are all excited to participate in this year's Flash Mob.  Thanks again to Lizzette and Arni for preparing the video tutorials.