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For Young Families

It is most important that marriages and families find support in a Christian community especially now when marriage and family values are constantly undermined by our modern society.

In City on the Hill, we highly value marriage, family life and our children.  We guide, teach, and accompany each family member to grow in knowing, loving, and serving the Lord and in discovering God’s plan for them.

For Husband and Wife

Married couples find great support and spiritual nourishment in their relationship through the pastoral care and guidance provided to them by the community. Husbands and wives receive teachings and practical inputs on different areas of married life which enable them to live out their married vocation in unity and faithfulness. In so doing, COH lays the foundation for a healthy family life.


For Children

Our children are God’s most precious gift to us.  Like everything good in life, they come from God and they belong to Him.  As such, it is our desire to see God’s will carried out in the life of our children. 

When God called us to a life with Him, He also commanded us to have our children follow after us.  We desire to pass on to them an “inheritance that does not decay, spoil or fade away.”  (1 Peter 1:4) We desire to guide them and teach them to be disciples of Jesus even in their youth.

As a support to parents, COH has the following programs for its children and youth:


Children’s Formation Ministry (CFM):

For  children in 1st grade to 5th grade

-       Life in the Spirit Seminar for Children

-       Teaching Series on Christian Growth, Way of Life, Christian Character, SSTARR- a guide to children’s prayer time

-       TGIS (Thank God It’s Sunday): a monthly birthday celebration and fellowship, arts and crafts or seasonal field trips

-       Summer Camp: the children’s 3-day “mountain top” experience!


Bridge Program:

For children in 6th to 8th grade

-       All of the CFM activities above plus Purity Retreat and Adventure Trips


Kairos Youth Program:

For high school and college-aged young adults

-       Fan into Flames

-       Crossroad Retreats

-       “Bondfire”

-       Prayer Meetings & Teachings

-       YES! (Youth Equipped to Stand) Retreats in Michigan